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Whichaway Camp

All aboard for the ultimate wilderness adventure 

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Whichaway Camp

Possibly one of the greatest bucket-list adventures we can imagine – take to the air in a Gulfstream G550 Jet to fly into the polar circle. Here you will sleep under skies that will never get dark and make friends with some of the world’s most isolated wildlife – the famously fantastic Emperor penguin. Whichaway Camp is your opportunity to stay in a luxurious camp on the most isolated land in the world and stand on the geographical South Pole – an experience very, very few people will ever have.

This unique camp is run to strict environmental guideline; minimising impact on the environment whilst maximising comfort, style and experience. Accessible only by private charter flight from Cape Town, and with space for just 12 guests, Whichaway Camp is truly a once in a lifetime adventure. Unlike most expeditions to Antarctica, which focus on cruising the Antarctic peninsular, this expedition takes you deep into the heart of the continent to the South Pole itself.

With six luxurious sleeping pods, each designed for two people (with double beds although pods can be adapted for solo travellers), the ambience is that of a true expedition yet offers all the trappings of a modern luxury adventure; all pods are heated and spacious with writing desks and private washing facilities fusing cutting edge materials with an old-world feel. The camp also is home to a charming lounge and dining room pod where you can relax and enjoy great food from an award-winning chef whilst reflecting on your most extreme of adventures.

The overarching ethos at Whichaway Camp is ‘experience as much as you wish or as little as you like’ and the team put high value on making this your adventure to take at whatever pace you wish – this means excursions range from gentle hikes to mighty abseils with ice-picnics, rock climbing and kite skiing in between.

  • Fly in a Gulfstream G550 Jet into the Antarctic circle directly into 24 hours of continuous sunshine
  • Reach the lowest point on earth – the geographic South Pole
  • Embark on a thrilling two-hour flight from your base camp on a DC3 Basler to visit over 6,000 Emperor Penguins in their natural habitat at Atka Bay – their total inhibition to humans makes this one of the least-encountered yet most fabulous wildlife experiences in the world.
  • Fly to the famous Amundsen-Scott science station – one of the most remote science stations on the planet – and where you will be at the lowest point on earth.
  • Rock Climb and abseil in pristine glacial conditions
  • Show-off your skills Kite-Skiing
  • Wrap up warm then take a tranquil gourmet picnic on the ice of the last great wilderness on earth taking in the memorising views.


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    Whichaway Camp
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  • Your knowledge and efficiency were a delight. Many thanks for organizing this trip for us the way you did. The itinerary you put together raised the bar on every possible definition of first class and exceeded our highest expectations.