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Trinidad is Cuba’s colonial gem, a UNESCO protected city composed of quaint, cobble-stone streets, picturesque squares and pastel-coloured colonial mansions and churches. A central bell-tower manages to emphasise the city’s apparent ability to defy the passing of time; little has changed in Trinidad since the late 1800’s and therein lies its charm.

Explore by foot (flat shoes are essential!), listen to live music being practised on street corners, pop into small artist studios and pick up craft souvenirs of hand-embroidered lace tablecloths and linens (many highly-skilled local artisans only sell from home on a word-of-mouth basis – our guides lead the way).

Discover the history of Trinidad’s slave-trade and sugar industry, visiting old plantation houses and sugar mills in nearby Valle de los Ingenios, a world-heritage listed site. Trinidad is the gateway to the mystical Escambray mountains, surrounding the city with emerald-coloured scenery (counter-revolution forces took refuge here after the Cuban revolution). Venture into the forest by bike or horse in search of adventure – secluded waterfalls provide peaceful spots for picnics and refreshing midday swims. For serious birders, the mountains are a treasure trove, well-worth exploring with our local ornithology guide.

If the city seems sleepy by day, it is practically on fire by night, boasting the most progressive live music scene in the provinces. Every restaurant has a live band, bars are packed no matter which night of the week and young and old dance salsa together out on the pavement. There’s no hint of western inhibitions in sight.


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  • Your knowledge and efficiency were a delight. Many thanks for organizing this trip for us the way you did. The itinerary you put together raised the bar on every possible definition of first class and exceeded our highest expectations.


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