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La Paz

A place where indigenous, colonial and modern histories collide, La Paz buzzes with the energy of almost a million people living in a caldera-shaped canyon.  Under the watch of the majestic Illimani mountain, you can peruse the Witch market for mysterious treasures, enjoy a few savoury salteñas (baked Bolivian pasties), or take a tour at the Museum of Ethnography to better understand the unique characteristics of the many, diverse cultures of Bolivia.

At 3,600 metres above sea level, the city’s high altitude locale makes breathlessness a part of everyday life. The plazas throng with pedestrians and cholas – bowler-hatted Aymara women selling local goods, while the roads are packed with buses and battered cabs, painted in vibrant colours. Respite is a rare commodity, though we will be sure to find you a cosy hotel and quiet café to observe the hustle and bustle of this most captivating city.


What people say

  • This is one of the most wonderful places I have ever been. You have done brilliantly to get us here. The estancia itself clearly in the top drawer of world class destinations.


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