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We have put together a set of questions and answers which we hope will give you confidence when travelling to Guatemala.


Are the borders open? If so, what are the entry requirements?

Yes, Guatemala’s borders are open, except for those coming from Brazil, South Africa, or the UK.


Where will I need to wear a mask? Will I be provided with one in case I forget mine?

Masks are required in all public areas, although don’t have to be worn for outdoor activities if there is no one else around. You will be provided with a spare mask in the event that you forget yours.


What protocols do hotels have to follow to keep us safe?

All hotels are following strict protocols that are set by the Ministry of Health. These include social distancing, face masks in common areas, a two meter distance between each table in restaurants, temperature testing, hand sanitizing stations and constant disinfection of common areas.


Are restaurants open? Shops? Nightclubs? What are the protocols they have to follow?

Restaurants and shops are open but nightclubs are not. They must comply with social distancing, temperature testing and hand sanitizing.


Is there any sort of curfew?

There is no curfew, but restaurants and bars are only able to sell alcohol until 9pm.


Will vehicles be regularly disinfected? Will I have to wear a mask during transfers?

Yes, vehicles will be disinfected before and after your transfer. You will need to wear a mask during transfers.


Will I be tested for Covid throughout my trip? Will my guides be regularly tested?

No, but we can arrange this if required. Your guides will be regularly tested.


What will happen if I test positive whilst on the trip? Where will I have to stay?

You will need to quarantine for seven days in a hotel that has been approved by the government for quarantine.

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