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travel with purpose

Travel With Purpose

Since Plan South America began, we have partnered with a range of charities and organisations with the aim of bringing change to some of the most deprived communities in Latin America.

Our local network and years of experience in the region have helped us identify a broad collection of initiatives to support.

Whether building homes, delivering health and education supplies to rural areas, teaching English or helping with local conservation, our Impact Travel programmes enable volunteers to make a real and direct difference. To discover more, speak to a member of our team.

Education in Peru

Sol y Luna Foundation

The Sol y Luna Foundation supports underprivileged and disabled children in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Many of these small Andean communities still live in poverty and do not have access to education.
Living in a remote corner of the country, and cut off from the Spanish-speaking populations, inhabitants of the Andean highlands mainly speak indigenous languages and have had very little interaction outside their community. The initiative of the Sol y Luna school is the first of its kind – offering food, rehabilitation, education and special support to children of all ages from the area.

Community in Guatemala

Pintando el Cambio

Pintando el Cambio is a community-focused project with the aim of unifying the inhabitants of Santa Catarina PalopĆ³ by adding colour to the town and in turn, brightening the outlook of the community.
By using art as an agent for social change, there has been a dramatic drop in crime, greater social awareness and an increased sense of pride and belonging in this once war-inflicted area.