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Transformational Travel

At Plan South America we curate transformative travel experience and elemental adventures that are designed to challenge, inspire and invigorate. Working with a trusted network of psychologists, survival specialists, therapists, spiritual practitioners and life coaches, we develop journeys of self-discovery to some of the wildest places across Latin and South America.

In these places there are no phones, no laptops and a deliberate lack of connectivity to the outside world. Nature at her purest provides the backdrop for every experience, whether navigating by the stars, building a camp for the night, foraging for food or learning to fish with poisonous roots and hunt with blowpipes.

The aim of these experiences is to connect with natural elements and bring meaningful, lasting change to the lives of the participants. Be they CEOs, estranged families, individuals suffering from issues of addiction or anxiety, those at a point of transition in their lives or those simply seeking something of this nature, our transformative travel experiences present a well crafted and balanced array of journeys for any who might desire to begin them.

Reach out to our team of specialists for more details on these programs and begin planning one for yourself or a loved one.

Travel Unplugged

What people say

  • Well here we are back in grey wet miserable UK! We just wanted to thank you for all your hard work for our holiday. We had the most amazing time and loved Argentina and the itinerary you set up for us was just perfect - we managed to see so much of the country in such a short space of time. It all worked perfectly and at no point did we feel as we were rushing anything.