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The Experience

Delve into the colourful landscapes, endearing market towns and rich cultural heritage of Argentina’s northwest on a 7-night road trip. Journey along mountain roads through desert and cactus forests, lush farmland dotted with sugarcane and tobacco plantations, dramatic moonscape valleys, dusty market towns, high altitude vineyards and subtropical jungle, reaching an altitude of 4,500m as you approach the glistening white salt plains.

Plan South America has partnered with English-American photographer, Michael Turek, who will be your specialist leader throughout the trip. Michael has mastered the art of film photography; under his guidance you will get to grips with the techniques and philosophy behind a film camera, as you capture the most awe-inspiring landscapes on the planet.

The Region

Argentina’s northwest has more in common with the Quechan cultures of Bolivia and Peru than with the rest of the country. Its society and traditions are unmatched in the region, contrasting dramatically with Argentina’s European south. The ancient customs and traditions remain prominent; locals in polychromatic dresses, street fairs serving up empanadas and bombachas, and colourful markets scattered with expressive artwork and handcrafts.

The area was originally colonized by the Spaniards and retains traces of Spanish heritage in the colonial architecture, adobe churches and covert chapels, and traditional fincas. The sparsely populated land is made up of a handful of national parks encompassing spectacular rock formations created by wind erosion and coloured in a bright spectrum of reds and oranges. Etched into the rock face are paintings dating back to pre-Hispanic times, and fossils originating from the Triassic Period, 600 million years ago when this region was submerged in water.

To Request the Full Itinerary

From the Andes, the landscape rolls east in a patchwork of immense gorges and spectacular rock formations. Charming family-estates-turned-hotels, crumbling colonial haciendas and romantic vineyard boutiques are dotted across this vast terrain, injecting the journey with hearty asados, gaucho culture and tall tales told by the winery owners great grandfather.
The trip starts in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires for 2 nights exploring the cobblestone streets of San Telmo, the majestic French architecture adorning the neighbourhood of Recoleta, and La Boca, the birthplace of Tango. With private access to the photography studios of top Argentine photographers, dining in our favourite local haunts, and a top tango show, we’ll make sure you experience the very best of the city.

Following a short hop to Salta, the capital of Argentina’s northwest, you will be introduced to your equipment, a 35mm SLR camera and some Kodak Portra film, and your 4×4 jeep, for the start of the adventure.