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The largest country in Central America, Nicaragua is much less explored than neighbouring Costa Rica.  A land of extraordinary natural beauty, it is home to six active volcanoes, the largest area of rainforest north of the Amazon and miles of coastline dotted with sandy beaches.

There are elegant colonial towns like Granada and Leon to explore, with pastel-painted churches and vibrant local festivals.  The Nicas, as the locals are known, are innately proud, applying a vibrant palette of colour to houses, market stalls, restaurants and plazas.

Other highlights include Nicaragua’s breathtaking assortment of birdlife; the pristine beaches of San Juan del Sur; the cloud forests and ecolodges that dot the Pacific coast; the smoking crater of the Masaya volcano; and Lago Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America, home to an archipelago of some 300 islands.

December to April is our favourite period to visit.  Speak to one of our specialists to discover more.

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  • Leon & the North
    Leon & the North
  • Nicaragua Caribbean
    Pacific Coast
  • Granada & Las Isletas
  • Nicaragua Caribbean
  • Ometepe Island
  • Rio San Juan
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from London / New York: 16: / 7 hours (both connecting)

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What people say

  • We are still luxuriating in the memories of our wonderful trip. Next year (2012) we are going to Africa, and I was thinking of riding in Botswana - is there anyone like you operating over there, who could arrange a glorious week?
  • I cannot tell you what an amazing time we are did you manage it?!
  • We were delighted with the trip we have just completed to Brazil and Argentina. We walked down Copacabana beach, watched a tapir swim past our canoe in the Pantanal, were submerged in the Iguazu falls, conquered desert and vineyards in northwest Argentina, experienced a snowstorm in the Andes, fed Cayman off horseback and enjoyed a tango show in probably the finest city in South America. A truly memorable experience: we have no hesitation in recommending Plan South America.

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