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The Pantanal

For wildlife viewing in South America, it doesn’t get much better than Brazil’s Pantanal. Occupying an area the size of Great Britain, it is the world’s largest freshwater wetland, inhabited by thousands of species of exotic plants and animals, including monkeys, marmosets, anteaters, anacondas, giant otters, caiman, puma and more than 650 species of bird.

The lack of tarmac roads in the Pantanal means that most exploring must be done by canoe or on horseback, though dry season allows for greater overland access by 4×4. All of our guides are local to the area and know its ecosystem inside out – including the best places for spotting jaguar!

We have chosen a couple of our favourite working fazendas and can advise on the best times of year to expect sightings of rare species. Ride out with the campeiros – Pantanal cowboys – amidst a profusion of Piuva and Paratudo blossom; working the cattle and perfecting your lassoing technique, stopping to view, amongst other species, Jabiru stalk, Laughing Falcon, Pearl Kite, Whistling Herons, Dot-eared Coquette, Paradise Tanager.


What people say

  • This is one of the most wonderful places I have ever been. You have done brilliantly to get us here. The estancia itself clearly in the top drawer of world class destinations.


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