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Northeast Brazil

Remote beaches, colonial villages, Caribbean rhythms and tropical archipelagos, northeast Brazil is one of its least-visited yet most striking corners.

Gloriously isolated Jericocoara is a charming four-street fishing village that lives the eternal siesta – all calm, cerulean waters, sugary sands and warm winds. This is a paradise for kite and wind-surfers and one of the loveliest beaches in northeast Brazil. To the west, the Lençois National Park offers a landscape of immense sand dunes and fresh-water lagoons, perfect for those who value the parts other visitors never reach.

350kms to the east, the islands of Fernando de Noronha are among the ecological jewels of the South Atlantic and is one the best dive destinations in South America. Teeming with exotic marine life and framed by immaculate beaches, this is a breathtaking tropical archipelago inhabited by more sea turtles and spinner dolphins than people.

Accommodation in the more remote parts of northeast Brazil tends to be simpler than elsewhere in the country – sometimes quite primitive – but we have selected the best, and if creature comforts are occasionally lacking, your surroundings will make you understand why we send discerning clients there.


What people say

  • We were delighted with the trip we have just completed to Brazil and Argentina. We saundered down Copacabana beach, watched a tapir swim past our canoe in the Pantanal, were submerged in the Iguazu falls, conquered desert and vineyards in northwest Argentina, experienced a snowstorm in the Andes, fed Cayman off horseback and enjoyed a tango show in probably the finest city in South America. A truly memorable experience: we have no hesitation in recommending Plan South America.


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