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Iguazú Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls & the Northeast

From the air, Argentina’s northeast appears as a mass of knotted rivers, grassy plains, wetlands and sub-tropical rainforest. Known locally as El Litoral, it is home to abundant yerba mate plantations (the nation’s much-beloved green tea), a staggering variety of fauna and flora and, of course, the mighty Iguazu Falls, which straddle the border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Moving south from Iguazu Falls and along the Parana River, the Esteros del Iberá are the second largest wetlands on the planet, following Brazil’s mega diverse Pantanal. Visitors can paddle across lagoons populated by caiman, capybara, anteaters and otters and ride through the wetlands amidst a carnival of bird life before returning to the lodge for cocktails around the swimming pool.

At another of our estancias, guests are invited to transform into traditional gauchos for a day or two, joining in the daily duties of the estancia, rounding, branding and castrating 1500 head of cattle across 2500-hectares of woods, wetlands and open country. For a change of pace, there are polo lessons, dorado fishing and shady hammocks for afternoon lazing.


What people say

  • Your knowledge and efficiency were a delight. Many thanks for organizing this trip for us the way you did. The itinerary you put together raised the bar on every possible definition of first class and exceeded our highest expectations.


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