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Antarctica is a land of raw and exquisite frozen seascapes – the natural world in its most natural state. Expeditions to this austral hinterland instill a genuine sense of awe, adventure and exploration – and indeed of privilege. While some guests simply want to enjoy the awesome scale and tranquility from the warmth and comfort of their boat, others want to experience firsthand the fury of the great wilderness.

Kayak around icebergs the size of small towns listening to the sounds of seals, trek shores populated by thousands of penguins, ski the Antarctic Peninsula and explore the many islands, bays and otherwise-inaccessible channels by small Zodiac. Take the polar plunge at Deception Island, which is the caldera of a still-active volcano. And for those up to the challenge, we organise intense five-day overland expeditions which trace the route of the legendary 20th Century explorer Ernest Shackleton.

The ecosystem of the South Pole and those of its neighbouring islands are among the most diverse on the planet, inhabited by penguins, seals, whales and a huge variety of birdlife. The amount of wildlife to be seen in its natural environment means a camera should always be on hand, as one never knows when a whale could breech right next to the Zodiac or when a penguin will become curious and inquisitive.

Expeditions last anything from five days to a month and can include landings at South Shetland, The Falkland Islands (Las Malvinas) and South Georgia – the Galapagos of the Poles. We have selected only the best and most trusted boats to carry our guests, from luxury Russian icebreakers to state-of-the-art expedition ships. Each carries a diverse team of top naturalists and historians.

Please contact us so we can organize a custom Antarctica adventure of a lifetime. We can send up-to-date information on boats, luxury camps, logistics and departure dates.  Don’t miss out on the remaining spaces for the 2021 solar eclipse in Antarctica

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    Whichaway Camp
  • MS Hebridean Sky

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  • "We had a really fabulous time thank you. We felt the trip was well balanced- a great mix of places, landscapes, food and people with not too much travel. Everything went very smoothly indeed so thank you for making it all happen."