The wildernesses of Argentina and Chile offer legendary adventures with rod and gun, superb fly-fishing for trout and golden dorado and the best dove shooting in the world. We work with selected lodges in each region; some luxuriously spoiling, others cosy riverside cabins.

We also have exclusive access to a handful of properties which provide supremely privileged opportunities to stalk red stag, antelope, wild boar and buffalo, on foot or horseback. Below is a brief summary of sporting seasons in each region.


Fishing Season Location
Rainbow & Brown Trout November – May Northern Patagonia (Argentina & Chile)
Sea Trout November – April Tierra del Fuego (Argentina)
Dorado October – April Corrientes (Argentina)
Dorado October – April Corrientes (Argentina)


Shooting & Stalking Season Location
Dove Year-round Cordoba & La Pampa (Argentina)
Duck May – August Rocha (Uruguay) & La Pampa (Argentina)
Californian Quail April – May Northern Patagonia (Argentina)
Red stag March – May Northern Patagonia and San Luis (Argentina)
Buffalo, Antelope & Wild Boar February – June San Luis (Argentina)
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