The world’s fifth largest country, Brazil occupies nearly half of the South American continent and lives up to its booming promise and exotic reputation. Its wildly exuberant people and year-round subtropical climate make it one of the continent’s most exciting destinations.

From the magnificent Iguaçu Falls, Brazil stretches north across 7000kms of lush, tropical coastline dotted with brilliantly-painted colonial towns, chic fishing villages, eco resorts and, of course, Rio, one of the the most visually dramatic cities on earth.

Heading west, vast coffee, cocoa and sugarcane plantations give way to the Amazon Basin, the largest rainforest on the planet and its second longest river. To the south, the immense wetlands of the Pantanal are an ecological paradise inhabited by the greatest concentration
of fauna in the Americas.


  • Capital Brasilia
  • Language Portuguese
  • Time Difference GMT –2 Hours
  • Currency Brazilian Real, though US Dollars widely accepted
  • Read A Death in Brazil by Peter Robb
  • Listen To Samba
  • Eat Moqueca (a fish-based stew from Bahia)
  • Drink Caipirinhas
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