If countries could walk, Argentina would swagger. Over an area of more than a million square miles, it encompasses the richness and diversity of an entire continent.

From the elegant boulevards, tango halls, cafes and boutiques of Buenos Aires, Argentina unfolds through thousands of miles of flat pampa into the rolling sierras of Cordoba and the vineyards of Mendoza before soaring into the Andes – the country´s natural border with Chile.

To the north, cactus forests and lunar landscapes give way to subtropical jungle, wetlands and waterfalls.

To the south, Patagonia, one of the great unspoilt wildernesses of the world, embraces snow-capped peaks and crystalline lakes, immense glaciers and the windswept steppe of Tierra del Fuego.


  • Capital Buenos Aires
  • Language Spanish
  • Time Difference GMT -3
  • Currency Argentine Peso (though USD widely accepted)
  • Read Far Away & Long Ago by W.H Hudson
  • Listen To Tango (Try Siempre es Carnaval by Roberto Ray)
  • Eat The best beef in the world
  • Drink Malbec
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