Plan South America was founded in 2006 by Harry Hastings, who has been exploring his adopted continent ever since. Over the years, the Plan South America team has perfected a formula which marries a passion for the wild and exotic with a network of remarkable local characters and intimate knowledge of our specialist region.

We have offices in London and Buenos Aires, meaning we operate on multiple time zones and enjoy regular contact with the people and places we represent – the key, we believe, to making our trips so special and to guaranteeing absolutely dependable service.

Meet the team

Harry Hastings
Managing Director

I arrived in Buenos Aires in 2005 and stayed 9 years longer than intended. While local bureaucracy made starting a business in Argentina a challenge, being a Brit in a largely Anglophile society opened many doors and set the scene for a project ultimately designed to keep me in bifes de chorizo and Malbec. My passion for Argentina developed into a continent-wide fascination and Plan South America was born. I now head our London office and continue to roam my adopted land as often and as widely as good sense permits.

Thea Bourke-Borrowes
Head of Marketing

Travel has always been a huge part of my life. But after recently spending 6 months working & living in Patagonia, occupying my weekends hiking to remote refugio’s, riding with gauchos and trying and failing to learn the art of the asado, my decision to move out of the world of finance into the travel industry was cemented.

Alexandra Laureano
Travel Designer
Kendall Robertson
Travel Designer

California girl enjoying some South American sunshine. My travel bug has taken me from Europe to South East Asia, before settling in Argentina! I love hiking, riding and telling poorly delivered jokes in Spanish. Buenos Aires is my home, but Chile, Peru and Colombia also have me hooked.

Pepa Portman
Art Travel
Francesca Tarrant
Colombia Specialist

After spending seven years working in luxury PR in London, I moved to Bogota in May 2012. Fortunately, we travel a lot here and have great fun discovering the little gems! I just got back from the Amazonas. We spent a couple of nights in a floating cabin and then zipped four hours up river to the darkest depths of a nature reserve. Jaw droppingly beautiful and totally off piste!

Jakob von Plessen
Agustin Dorado
Yvonne Corbett
Nahuel Alonso
Santiago Carrillo
Ariadna Gonzalez Naya
Mini Cambiasso

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